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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Starblind Book 1 by D.T. Dyllin

This story had me in sticthes!

My Review:
I laughed so hard. Jane is a human from New Earth. At some point humans learned they weren't alone and even worse less superior to beings from other planets. Earth became New Earth and they started splicing human DNA with various DNA from other beings. I loved how the author did that, very clever. I'm a biology geek so the sciency stuff hit my chord and was fun because it was sound enough to be probable.

Jane is the captain of the Pittsburg, a space ship and she's a bounty hunter. She has a small crew, loves steampunk and is very independent. She also has a nasty attitude at times. Anyways, she on the hunt for a large bounty placed on the head of a man who is also quit a hunk and turns out something more than human.

It's a romance but also has an excellent plot and depth of characters. I loved this one even more than book 3. I blame that on the main character. She is too funny and stubborn. I can't give anything away. You have to read it!


Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Big News!

Big news is an understatement. This news is gigantic! I got my first radio interview scheduled for Jan. 11!

I couldn't be more excited. The interview is about me as an author and Scarlett. I think it went very well and I can't wait to listen myself! 

All you have to do is go to www.theauthorsshow.com and click the blue highlighted link for Scarlett on Jan 11th. It will air for 24 hours so everybody around the globe has the opportunity to listen in easily.

Did I mention I read a couple pages from Scarlett!

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