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Sunday, September 17, 2017

Relief Efforts for Hurricanes Harvey and Irma

As many of you know I live in north Florida. When Hurricane Irma blew through Florida I was relatively safely tucked away in the western panhandle in Destin Fl.

I didn't see much of the storm there except tropical storm force winds and rain Monday Sept. 11. On our drive to Destin we passed rest stops filled with evacuees and soon the hotel we were in filled with more evacuees from the eastern and western coastal regions and Tampa.

Finding gas was a challenge since so many stations were out but the gas buddy app was a huge help and I was sure at each we stopped at to update whether gas was available or not. Some of my family evacuated and only recently gained electricity again. Other members of my family and friends stayed put and waited it out.

When we returned home Tuesday it was like a ghost town. Gas stations had no power. Saran wrap was around the pumps, few restaurants were open. Those open had lines wrapping the building and into the street. 

In twenty years of living in the Jacksonville area of Florida this is the worst I've seen. The flooding was extensive and helicopters were out in search of survivors, many roads were impassable and so many lost their homes or can't live in them until they're repaired. Houston is just as bad after Hurricane Harvey and their suffering continues.

My heart breaks for these people and I already donated half my earning made in Destin Fl but it's simply not enough so I'm donating all the royalties until 10/14 from the sales of my St. Augustine Novellas, the Bloodseeker series.

I chose this series because it takes place in north Florida. St. Augustine wasn't only affected by Hurricane Irma but also Hurricane Matthew last year. The series cover designer has also decided to donate royalties from her book Winter Thrillz. Together we hope to donate a nice chunk of money to Red Cross for disaster relief.  

The series on Amazon 
The Vampires Next Door Book 1
The Monster Upstairs Book 2

Winter Thrillz (includes page reads as part of KU)

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Death by Honeymoon by Jaden Skye

Started slow but got better!

My Review:
The first chapters dragged on and on. They weren't too exciting but there was enough mystery I didn't quit. Glad I didn't the story gets very intriguing.

Cindy marries Clint, the man of her dreams and they honeymoon in Barbados. He turns up dead. For weeks she's depressed and falls in on herself. Her sister comes to visit ad takes care of her until she's injured when the brakes in Cindy's car fail.

After that is where it gets good. Clint's family is horrible and treat Cindy as though she's guilty of something. But more people associated with Clint and his company begin dying which sends Cindy packing and back to Barbados.

Once there the plot thickens and she's in peril yet doesn't back down and the story takes on a faster pace.

All and all an entertaining mystery!